oscar albis rodriguez

musician / songwriter / producer / engineer

Since 2013, Oscar Albis Rodriguez has been touring the world playing guitar for Grammy award-winning, multi-platinum selling Epic Records artists A Great Big World, writing and producing hundreds of songs for the YouTube Audio Library, and launching his solo project under the name "Albis" with the release of the debut full-length Smoke & Ghosts and the follow up EP, ANIMALS.  He has also played guitar on Broadway (and on tour) for Hedwig & The Angry Inch and Spongebob Squarepants.  

Prior to all this, he fronted the Brooklyn indie-punk bands Nakatomi Plaza and Ghost Robot Ninja Bear (both on guitar / vocals / keyboards / production) and has also been a member of Fashion Week (bass / vocals), Fires of Rome (guitar / keyboards / vocals) , Ludlow Lions (bass / vocals / production), New Electric (bass), and De La Hoya (guitar / vocals).  

He is heavily involved in NYC's music scene, freelancing with numerous major-label and indie artists ranging from Sarah McLachlan to good friends Zach Jones & The Tricky Bits

Oscar was born and raised in Rhode Island, graduated with a music degree from New York University, and lives and works in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (also home to his studio Russell Street Recording).  He has been vegan since 2001.  

He is endorsed by Fender, Roland, BossXotic Effects, G7th, and Voyage-Air.  

Front page photo by J&J.